Evaluate the nursing intervention

Evaluate the nursing intervention

Community health nurses begin the nursing process with assessment of a community. It is essential to know your specific community to identify health needs, determine a community health nursing diagnosis, develop a plan-of-action, and implement and evaluate the nursing intervention. You may also identify health-related resources and note gaps in services.

●Boundaries Within what community and county is your area of study located?
What defines the boundaries: roads, bodies of water, railroads, other.
Is the area of study known by a particular name? What zip code or census tract is your community of study located?

● Housing and Zoning What is the age of the houses? Describe the type of construction material, appearance, and general condition. Do you see single family housing? Multi-family housing?

● Common Meeting Places

Where do people in the neighborhood hang out?  Who hangs out there and what hours of the day?

● Indicators of Growth and Decline

Is this a thriving community, or does it look “run down?” Is there new or ongoing construction? Are there any signs of businesses and industries coming to the area? Are buildings, roadways, and public area clean and well–kept?   Do you see trash or graffiti? 

●Employment Opportunities What places for employment are located in this area? Name the various businesses and industries in this area.

●Transportation How do people get from one place to another? Is public transportation available? Are bus routes available? If so, do they keep timely schedules? Do you notice residents in this area using personal autos,
bikes, and/or walking to get around? What is the most-common mode of transportation?